Branding a New Breakfast Spot:

Lula B's Branding

Branding a
New Breakfast Spot

Lula B's Branding

Project Overview

Lula B’s, a new restaurant concept in Downtown Omaha, needed a brand to build around. We developed a playfully modern identity to increase awareness and stick in the minds of restaurant-seekers.

Work Included

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Signage
  • Social Media Graphics

The Lula B’s concept centers around breakfast and brunch—but also a variety of fun cocktails and beverages. As we conceptualized designs for the identity, we were drawn to a simple solution within the brand’s name. We bolded the “B” of Lula B’s to reinforce the restaurant’s main offerings: “Breakfast, Brunch & Bar.”

Lula B's Branding Omaha: Logo Design
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Logo Design

We built a brand palette with a variety of optimistic colors—ones symbolic of a bright, sunny morning. And we used layered type in layouts to represent a multitude of offerings at the restaurant.  

Lula B's Branding Omaha: Ad Set
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Posters On Wall
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Posters

The elements all came together to form a colorful and energetic brand design system—one with enough variety to be used for a variety of communications needs.

Lula B's Branding Omaha: Menu Design
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Coasters
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Coaster
Lula B's Branding Omaha: Social Graphics

Clever headlines added another dimension to the brand—helping to communicate good times and good food in a fun atmosphere.

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Lula B's Branding Omaha: Messaging Headline

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