A Bright New Look for a Bright Future:

Kind Habits Branding

A Bright New Look for a Bright Future:

Kind Habits Branding

Project Overview

Kind Habits, a Colorado-based parenting support resource, was in need of a focused identity that could help take them to the next level. We created Kind Habits branding to propel the brand into the future.

Work Included

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Brand Illustration

Through primary and secondary research, we identified insights that helped drive the tone, personality, position and messaging of the brand. Our target audience? Millennial parents.

As the largest percentage of parents in the United States, we saw an opportunity to connect with millennials differently than past generations. Understanding their behaviors and needs was critical to establishing an effective brand strategy.

Kind Habits Branding: An image of a bullseye with brand platform attributes.

The Kind Habits logo was designed to be approachable and comforting. The two birds represent parent and child, highlighting the brand’s “caregiver” personality. 

Image of the Kind Habits logo.
Image of the Kind Habits wordmark.
Image of the Kind Habits icon design.

Both serif and sans-serif typefaces were selected for use as part of the Kind Habits visual brand—creating a blend of trustworthiness and modernity.

Image of Kind Habit brand fonts.
Image of Kind Habits "H" detail.

The color palette is inspired by the colors in Colorado nature—where Kind Habits holds its retreats and camps. They were selected to be warm, inviting and distinct from competitor brands.

Graphic showing Kind Habits' color palette.

Colorful illustrations highlight the warmth and friendliness of the Kind Habits visual brand. We designed the illustrations based on five themes: Education, Community & Support, Care & Love, Healthy Eating and the Outdoors.

kind habits brand illustrations
Kind Habits Mama Retreat illustration.
Image of Kind Habits' Adventure Camp illustration.

The branding was expressed across a variety of items and communication materials, including stationery, apparel, social media graphics and other swag.

Image of Kind Habits' business card.
Image of Kind Habits branded t-shirt.
Image of a Kind Habits branded tote bag.
Image of a Kind Habits branded hat.

A comprehensive brand guidelines was created to serve as an ongoing resource for Kind Habits and its brand ambassadors—including rules and tips for maintaining a consistent tone and look.

Image showing pages from the Kind Habits brand guidelines.

“Folk hit the nail on the head. Their quality and thoughtfulness will bridge knowledge gaps and focus your business.”

Phil Perry

Kind Habits

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