We are a brand strategy & design studio.

our story

Our story begins with our history—over 20 years collective branding and design experience. We’ve spent our careers working for large agencies and clients, learning to think big, execute meticulously and create impactful brand experiences. We knew there was an opportunity to take our big-agency thinking into a more efficient and effective studio model. Now, we’re Folk. A brand strategy and design studio dedicated to helping businesses share what they do well with the world. 

a studio designed to fit your needs

True Collaborators

We work collaboratively with our clients every step of the way. Because, while we do our best to uncover truths about your company, you know your business better than we ever could—and your expertise is key to helping us exercise our expertise.

Decisively Small

Our small size gives us the flexibility to get things done. We work with ambitious timelines to help you achieve your goals. And, without the overhead of larger agencies or design studios, we’re able to make more out of your investment.

Focused on Detail

Details matter. And we pride ourselves on thinking through all of them. From strategy to design, all aspects of our client’s brands are meticulously thought through to make the most impact to consumers.

meet the team

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Erin Buhrman, Brand Strategist

Erin is Brand Strategist and co-founder of Folk. Keenly analytic by nature, she has spent more than a decade developing strategy for businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. When she’s not solving the world’s problems one brand at a time, Erin serves on the board of AAF Omaha and loves to travel the world, especially to see her favorite football (soccer) team, Tottenham Hotspur, play in London. 

Jim Buhrman Jr, Creative Director

Jim is the creative director and co-founder of Folk. He grew up in Omaha and studied design and art direction at Creighton University and Miami Ad School. He has spent his career at advertising agencies and design studios in Omaha, Minneapolis and Chicago; crafting memorable brand experiences for a variety of clients, including Disney, Bass Pro Shops, Dunkin’, TD Ameritrade and Creighton Athletics. Outside of work, Jim enjoys traveling the world for inspiration, ice curling and working in his yard.

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