Shaping Health Care:

Clarkson College Campaign Graphic

Evolving a Collegiate Brand:

Clarkson College Design System

Project Overview

As Clarkson College, looked to evolve its messaging platform, a need for a to match the energy of the new campaign. We helped by creating a typographic campaign graphic that could work as a consistent element throughout the campaign.

Work Included

  • Brand Refinement
  • Print Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Digital Ad Layouts
  • Photography Retouch

The first step was to step back. We assessed each and every brand element individually to determine what could be refined or redesigned to evolve the brand in a most effective manner. 

Clarkson College Design System: Examples of Old Look

While the Clarkson logo and color palette would remain untouched, we aimed to inject energy and movement into the design system by simplifying and elevating use of the brand’s angular elements.

Clarkson College Design System: Layout Grid

By leveraging and evolving the brand’s existing elements, we were able to design a flexible design system to meet the college’s various communication needs—one with enough variety to stay fresh; and one with enough consistency to make it unmistakably Clarkson. 

Clarkson College Design System: Print Designs
Clarkson College Design System: Collateral Designs
Clarkson College Design System: Collateral Design
Clarkson College Design System: Pattern Design
Clarkson College Design System: Brochure Designs
Clarkson College Design System: Digital Ad Layouts

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