covid-19 brand communication illustration

There’s no denying that this is a challenging time in our history. The Coronavirus is not only wreaking havoc on the health of the world, it is also financially devastating the businesses and people in our communities. From business closings and company layoffs, to the impact of the declining stock market, very few people are unaffected by the financial impacts of the virus.

But it will get better. Our businesses will reopen. Budgets will increase. Our economy will bounce back. And the way businesses communicate during this time will have a direct impact on consumer perception and loyalty. We’ve compiled a short list of ways businesses can help themselves come out of this ahead.

Covid-19 Brand Communication Tips:

1. Stay present:

  • Ensure you are communicating consistently with consumers. Build a communication calendar, and stick to it. Keep the content light. There is enough bad news out there right now. Be the positivity consumers are longing for.
  • If you must cut budgets, find other avenues to communicate with consumers—don’t go dark. Digital and social channels offer less-expensive (or free) ways to stay present. Think about your target audiences and their needs, and build a plan around that.

2. Be consistent:

  • People want to do business with people, not businesses. Make sure your consumers understand who you are and why you exist. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure your brand voice is strong and consistent. If you don’t have an established voice, create one, fast.
  • If you are cutting budgets and creating communication materials on your own, be sure you are referring to any brand standards that have been set forth. Now is not the time to create confusion around your brand.

Do you have questions about how your brand should be communicating right now?