brewery branding illustration

Maybe you’d like to legitimize your brewing hobby and enter your recipes into competitions. Or maybe you’re ready to turn your home brewery into, well, a brewery brewery. No matter the case, you’re taking your love of brewing to the next level. And branding can be a big part of that next step. Creating your brewery brand takes a lot of thought and consideration. So we’ve put together a few key tips to help you get started.

3 Keys to Crafting Your Brewery Brand

1. Keep in mind, your logo is not your brand.

Many people use “brand” and “logo” synonymously. But your brand is so much more than signage on a building or the logo on a coaster. Your brand is what people feel and think about your brewery. And that’s important. Because what people feel and think about your product, service and experience determines whether or not they want to come back. It also influences what those people share about your company with others. So, as you begin thinking about your brand, think beyond just the logo design and contemplate how to create a voice and experience that guests will appreciate and remember.

2. Telling your story can help you stand out.

You likely see it every day—news of another craft brewery opening up. As more and more home brewers decide to open breweries, the opportunity for distinction gets smaller and smaller. So how will your business stand out from the crowd? Begin with your personal startup story—the reason why you’re opening your business to begin with. Maybe your family inspired you to start brewing? Or maybe your travels inspired you to make beer? Think about how you can tell this story to customers as a part of your branding. Your reason, your unique story is what cannot be compared to others.

3. Differentiation lies in the details.

As humans, we’re drawn to what we see. And when we see something different or visually interesting, we remember it. Just like a delightfully unexpected flavor in a brew, when it comes to branding, uniqueness leads to memorability. When building your brand, consider every possible touchpoint ahead of time, think through the details of execution and identify opportunities to make the greatest possible impact with your customers.

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