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Joyce maple syrup branding

We created an updated brand design system and packaging for Joyce Maple Syrup, a local syrup producer.

joyce maple syrup branding logo

Logo Design

The logo design is inspired by the maple leaf. The shape is divided into two pieces—the left element resembles the letter “J” while the right element complete the leaf shape.

joyce maple syrup branding icon
joyce maple syrup branding icon and text

Design Elements

A wood-grain pattern was developed for the brand. And a custom set of numerals were were designed to complement.

joyce maple syrup branding texture

Packaging Design

The label design incorporated the wood grain pattern on a sparkling silver material—giving the bottles a unique and sophisticated look.

joyce maple syrup package design closeup
joyce maple syrup package design - 3 bottles

Apparel Design

We designed extra warm, branded sweatshirts—perfect for collecting sap in early spring.

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