Building a brand: thinking beyond the logo design

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Building a Brand Illustration with Icons

Many people use “brand” and “logo” synonymously. The terms are related, of course, but not the same thing. When you are starting a business, it’s easy to recognize that you need a logo. But for long-term business success, building a strong brand is crucial, not just a logo.

So, what’s the difference?

A logo is a visual mark that represents your business. It is an important part of your brand, but it is not enough to make meaningful connections with customers.

A brand is the perception consumers feel about your business based on all interactions. Every experience customers have with your business influences the way your brand is perceived, i.e. your brand. Whether it’s interactions with you or your employees, seeing your logo online, the tone of voice you use when communicating about your business, the facade of your store front and the design of your interior, or viewing your website, these are all representations of your brand. And they should be intentionally consistent, authentic to your business and meaningful to your customers.

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